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Emerald Isle Beach Portraits

Simple as it should be.

We can't wait to be your photographers!  Our creative photography sessions are all about you and happen to be a lot of fun!  We hope you love our little island paradise as much as we do and we want to help you take those special family memories home with you to cherish for years to come.

Our Emerald Isle Beach Portrait sessions usually take place during the "golden hour" which is approximately one hour before sunset.  We conveniently meet you  at your location as long as you’re staying on the beach or near a public beach access. We are available 7 days a week.   We accept cash and checks for photography services.

What you can expect from your Emerald Isle Beach Portrait session:

*Two photographers who are passionate about their job and are very efficient with your time!  Most sessions are finished in 45 minutes or less!  All sessions include  multiple group and individual poses.

*On-Line photo gallery on  for you to view and order high quality professional prints at a discounted rate.   

*A print release for all images as well as a disk download. 

Please call Lisa at 910-538-2749 for more information and to book your Emerald Isle Beach Portrait session.  You may also reach us via email at


How should we dress for our beach photo session?  It is entirely up to you but we recommend lighter colors.  Vibrant colors look really nice on the beach as well.   White shirts and khaki pants, white shirts and blue pants, white shirts and blue jeans.  Shorts are also a good idea.   Everyone certainly does not have to match however you should try to avoid a lot of patterns.

Can or should we bring props?  Yes!  Props are a great idea for adults and kids. Some examples would be fun hats, play sand bucket and shovel, sunglasses, fishing poles, cigars, umbrellas, etc.

How many photos do you take?    We do not have a set amount that we take, each session is unique and some sessions have many more people in them so we end up taking more photos as needed.

Can you post our photos in an on-line photo gallery?  Yes, that is included. An On-line photo gallery where you can also order discount professional quality prints and merchandise.  

What if it rains on the day we have set up for our session?   If your photo session is rained out we will set it up for the next day if we can so please try to set up your session a few days before you are going to be going home so we have a few days to keep trying. Also it may rain only part of the day and we can still take the photos after the rain at sunset. In the event we are unable to take your photos due to bad weather we will refund you back the full session fee you have paid us with no delay.

What is your refund policy?   This is very simple. Once you book and pay the session retainer fee for your Emerald Isle Beach Portraits, we are going to turn down everyone else that calls for that time slot and date so... we do not offer any refund for a cancellation as we have turned down other people who wanted your time and date. You are paying us a retainer fee to hold the date for your photo session. The retainer fee is $100 and is non-refundable.   We will refund back your retainer session fee if we can not preform the job due to equipment problems (Has never happened we have backup equipment) If we for some reason break down on the way to the job and can not take the photos. If its raining at the time of your session and we can not take the photos and can not set up a new time to take them.

What time of day is best for our photo session?   The best time is around an hour before sunset unless it is a cloudy day.  Can we have our photo session at another location other than the beach? Yes many times its a good idea to have your photo session at a different location other then the beach. We can meet you at a park, Beach house, inland home or just about anywhere on the coast.